Matt Hullum

Matt Hullum voices Sarge, Doc, & Wyoming on Red vs. Blue.

Words cannot even begin to describe how awesome this morning was. Steven and I wake up, have breakfast, hop on the computer and within a matter of minutes are talking to one Mr. Matt Hullum. You might know Matt from the popular web series, Red vs. Blue. Why am I saying might, of course you know who the guy is; if not by name then by the one of the many voices he does on RvB. Over the last 10 seasons (Red vs. Blue is currently in it’s 10th season) Matt has played the character of Sarge, in addition to doing the voices of both the freelancer Wyoming and everyone’s favorite purple medic, Doc.

Matt is also the co-founder of Rooster Teeth Productions, having formed the company with CEO Burnie Burns. It was  great honor and privilege to have the opportunity to interview Matt this morning, and definitely a great way to start this week. I think Steven summed up our thoughts about the interview perfectly on Facebook earlier:

Steven RTX Thoughts

Well there’s not much more I can really say, except that we hope you enjoy the interview. If you’re going to be attending RTX in just over 11 days, make sure you let us know! We would love to meet up with some Rooster Teeth fans at the upcoming expo.

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