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Welcome back to the second edition of Pandaren Ponderings. Last week I took a look at the Pandaren race. This week I’ll cover the new class introduced in Mists of Pandaria, the Monk.  Lets go over the basics, shall we? Monks are available to almost every race in the game. The only restrictions are no Worgen and no Goblins. For those not counting that leaves the 11 remaining races to get their Monk on.

Pandaren Chi PunchMonks are a cloth/leather wearing melee-based class. A true hybrid; they can Tank, Heal or DPS. Lorewise they follow the theme of Asian combat monks, not the stuffy old man in a brown robe stereotype. The reason for this is simple, the class is being “taught” to the other races by the Pandaren. The Monk has three specs which are as follows Brewmaster (Tank), Windwalker (DPS), and Mistweaver (Healing). I’ve always been a tank first and foremost, except for that 2 week stint of role experimentation when I first began playing, but we’re not going to talk about that. (Ed: Ahh, Brad’s college experimentation years.) So as such I’ve spent the most time on beta with a Brewmaster Pandaren Monk. It has been awhile since I played with him so I’m sure a lot has changed, but I still have a fairly accurate idea of how the core class mechanics work.

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Welcome to the very first Pandaren Ponderings! Thats right, from now until I deem it “done” this will be a semi regular article I will be writing on World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. As of this moment the game is in a closed beta state and anything and everything I report on is subject to change. The good thing here is that I have no NDA so whatever I see or do I can talk about and show off to you fine people, so lets strap in and talk about my favorite MMO and hopefully yours too if you’re reading this!

Where to begin, this whole expansion is rather overwhelming to be honest. I’m honestly not sure if we’ve ever seen this much new content going into the game at once. But I suppose we’ll start this week with the logical and most obvious addition. The Pandaren themselves. I’m not going to bore/spoil story for those of you who don’t know or want to know how we get here so here’s the juicy bits. Continue reading

Warcraft: Pandaren Invasion Date!

9-25-12! Mark your calendars put in for your time off or plan your ‘sick’ days. Thats when the fourth expansion for World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria shall be released into the wild! But they’re not invading us oh no it’s US invading THEM! Eeep! Anyways on to the goodies. The game will be available for the first time ever in 3 flavors!:

Standard Box/Standard Digital: for 39.99 you will get the standard edition game just the content with no fluff in your choice of a digital download or a box copy if you prefer the retail route.

Digital Deluxe: New for the first time it’s basically a digital version of the collectors edition. For 59.99 you’ll get the standard game via digital download as well as the Imperial Quilen flying Mount (WoW’s version of a Fu dog + wings if you ask me), the Lucky Quilen cub vanity pet a smaller way too cute version of the mount to follow you around.  Also included are other Blizzard game bonuses a banner accent and sigil set for Diablo III and a set of profile pictures for Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, Infested Orc and Night Elf Templar.

Collectors Edition: Finally ringing in at 79.99 (and my box of choice since I started, can’t help it) the boxed collectors edition gives you everything listed above as well as : A dvd/blu-ray behind the scenes and making of info, a CD soundtrack (worth the price of admission alone here, seriously always good music on this) and a mouse mat featuring my favorite Pandaren and yours, Chen Stormstout.

Good to finally have the details on all this. Now navigate either physically or via the interwebs to your store of choice and make your preorder!

Keep tuned in for more Mists of Pandaria news here. August 16th will see the premier of the games cinematic at Gamescon!  I’ll be sure to cover that and I’m slowly working on an ongoing feature for the game as best I can with my currently gimped beta access. Hoping to have more out soon!

I Don’t Finish Games Anymore

Prior to a week or so ago when I completed Diablo III, I couldn’t tell you the last game I finished. When I was younger it was no problem at all for me to knock out a game, but not so much anymore. It seems to have become a trend with my gaming more often than not. I can’t exactly put a solid reason on why this is either. Maybe its part of growing up and getting older, as well as being more responsible now that I have kids. Maybe I’m getting worse about intensely focusing on one thing for an undetermined amount of time when it comes to my leisure activity. Again I can’t be sure what the exact cause is and it seems highly likely that its really a combination of multiple things, but I just don’t seem to finish games any more.

The most recent example I can toss out is Mass Effect 3. Yup. I said it. I write for a site whose name is based on a highly popular ME character and I haven’t finished the series. Put your pitchforks and torches away; I am getting to it. Really. In fact it is sort of a personal goal I hope to get out of this article is getting myself to finish one of the great sci fi gaming stories of our era. I love the series. Its wonderful. I even got up early on release day to pick up my copy because I managed to miss the preorder for the CE, drove the hour drive to my local best buy where a friend who works there told me they had some unreserved CE copies but I needed to be there early if I wanted to get one. All this with a 4 year old and an infant in tow. If I don’t like this series then I have some seriously deep issues that need looking into after going to that much trouble.

I just for whatever reason stopped playing it a few days in. Not for any particular faults or even spoilers; I have in fact managed to remain spoiler free on this one despite many friends having already completed the story including the other members of our site. That all said, I plan to soon join the ranks of those who finished it within the next few weeks or possibly sooner depending on real life and such. If for some reason I don’t manage this then I place the blame solely on Blizzard. Oh yes that’s the other contributing factor. Blizzard games are my weakness. I always come back to them.  I “run” a small community of friends who play Blizz games together which basically makes me the guy with the GM tag in WoW and the one with admin rights on internet based gathering areas. I’m really a figurehead, nothing more. So let’s all hope I can put down D3 and the WoW Mists beta long enough to finish a round of ME3. Besides, I have plenty of others on the back burner as well. Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Portal 2, Borderlands, Bioshock 1 & 2, Halo ODST & Reach, Skyrim, and on top of those I just picked up Humble Indie Bundle V last week. So there you have it friends. I have a problem of not finishing my games. What about you? Do you have issues knocking out games the way you used to or have any helpful suggestions or tips for those of us with backlogs larger than we would like to admit?