It appears BioWare has heard fan complaints over their Legacy promotion. For those not aware, BioWare was doing a promotion where anyone with a level 50 character would receive a free month of game time as a thank you for their loyalty.. This angered many fans who thought it was unfair that only people devoted to a single 50 character would receive the game time. Their thinking being that if they were let’s say an altaholic they might not have a level 50, but they were still an active part of the community.

To address this concern Dr. Greg Zeschuk announced an additional way to get the free game time via reaching Legacy level 6 in the game. This seems to have quelled a bit of the anger directed at BioWare, at least for the time being.

My personal take is that reaching level 50 in SWTOR is childishly easy if people have been playing since launch, or near to it. Though I do understand being an altaholic could draw attention away from a single character for some. Either way, the new method should allow most, if not all players to get a free loyalty month; which should be nice. I however don’t really care since my account is still active until July and I haven’t even played since late-January. Oh well…

Source: Legacy Promotion now expanded