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RTX 2012: Burnie Burns

Burnie Burns

Burnie Burns voices Church, Lopez, Epsilon, and many more on Red vs Blue.

Shortly after our interview with Gus we were given a few minutes to chat with Burnie Burns, CEO and Co-Founder of Rooster Teeth. You might also know Burnie as Church, Vic, Epsilon, and many, many more characters on Red vs Blue. Burnie is also the writer of RvB.

I have said this numerous times over the last week, but Burnie is the nicest person I have met in my entire life. I’m blown away by how friendly and forthcoming he is with any and all fans; media included.

Gustavo Sorola

Gustavo Sorola voices Private Dick Simmons on Red vs Blue.

This past Saturday we had the opportunity to sit down (read: stand up) with Gustavo (Gus) Sorola who is best known from the popular web series Red vs Blue. In addition to his duties playing Private Dick Simmons, Gus is also the Director of RTX; which is a convention filled with awesomeness that you must visit next year! Seriously, buy your tickets now! I don’t care if they’re not for sale yet; Gus wants to hit 8k attendees and we’re going to make it happen.

For the record, Gus might be known as reclusive, but that doesn’t mean he is not incredibly friendly. We had a great time chatting with him and hope to have many opportunities for further chatting in the future.

RTX 2012

RTX 2012
Well we’re long overdue in discussing this, but it’s now time for us to talk about the upcoming Rooster Teeth Expo happening in Austin, TX. RTX is a two-day event taking place July 7th and 8th at the Austin Convention Center; hosted by the fine fellows over at Rooster Teeth. You might know the name Rooster Teeth because they are the gentle Internet deities behind the popular web-series Red vs. Blue as well a varying multitude of awesome Internet stuff.

Why the extreme excitement for RTX all of a sudden? Well, because Constantly Calibrating will be at RTX in two weeks providing all sorts of interviews and video coverage of the event. We’re still working out the details of what exactly we’ll be able to bring you, but rest assured that we’ll bring you the same class and quality you have come to expect of us over the last few months. So…keeping your expectations low might be wise. Just kidding…maybe.

RTX is the brainchild of the great minds at Rooster Teeth, the team behind the longest running web series of all time, Red vs. Blue. Rooster Teeth created RTX to bring game companies, gamers and online video lovers together for one great weekend in Austin, TX. RTX is all about playing new games and creating new online content. This year RTX will be open to the public for the first time and will give attendees the opportunity to play games, interact with one another and sit in on panels about creating online content led by industry experts including the Rooster Teeth team.

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