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Game of Thrones (RPG) Giveaway

Have you been watching HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones and started thinking that you want to journey around the world of Westeros? Maybe even play an RPG set in the world, but with its own unique story? Well have we got the giveaway for you!

Introducing our Game of Thrones (RPG) giveaway. Winners will receive everything below:

Game of Thrones Giveaway

Winners will receive (1) Game of Thrones (RPG) on their choice of system. (Xbox 360 or PS3); and (1) Limited Edition Art Book for the game.

Now onto the rules of this here contest:

  1. Open to US residents only.
  2. To enter you must both like and comment on the contest post featured at the top of our Facebook Page, as well as like Constantly Calibrating on Facebook. (That should be the easy part since you already like us, right?)
  3. All of this must be done prior to May 29th, 2012 at 12PM Pacific Time. Any entries received after this time will be ignored and possibly even mocked, so enter early!
  4. Multiple entries will also be ignored and possibly set on fire.
  5. Winners will be chosen in a similar fashion to our previous contests, which is to say they will be chosen at random. (For more info on that, feel free to ask here.)
  6. Winners will need to provide shipping information to us at the time that they win.

Now that all of that is out of the way, here is both some information on the game as well as the launch trailer:

Game Of Thrones, the new roleplaying video game based on the popular HBO TV series and internationally bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire book series, is out now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Featuring many familiar locations from the books and likenesses from the TV series, Game of Thrones also delves into a new storyline for fans to discover while immersed in 30-plus hours of original game play. For a limited time, the game can be ordered with a special edition hardbound art book, Game of Thrones: Visuals from the RPG, at select retailers: http://www.gameofthrones-thegame.com/purchase.html

A Week(ish) In News #3

Welcome back to another edition of A Week(ish) In News! If all goes according to plan this should be quite the lengthy edition, so to speak. Why such an extended edition you ask? Well this last week has just been fraught with technical issues for our little site, as well as personal issues that dramatically decreased my ability to get any writing done. But, that is the past now and this is the future…or the past I guess since this article is about the past week. Anyways, on with the words:

Shouting at your screen now serves a purpose in Skyrim

So, by this point the topic of Kinect controls coming to Skyrim has been discussed to death. But we here at Constantly Calibrating are in no way above beating a dead horse; especially when the horse is quite alive and enjoying a healthy, relaxing day.

Now the first thing some people might point out is that Skyrim for the PC already has most, if not all or even more of these features via mods. Well in that you are right, but those of us playing it on the 360 don’t have these features yet and don’t have any alternative, so shut up and go play with some string.

Some of the features coming to Skyrim with this free update include:

  • Dragon Shouts: Now you can yell Fus Roh Dah to your heart’s content at your screen and watch as time and again Lydia flies forth from the Throat of the World. What, just I do that? Whatever. Now the one caveat to this is that stating the name of the shout in English will activate it, but to use the dragon language for shouts you will need to hold a button down. This is due to Kinect’s inability to recognize non-English speech. Still a nifty little feature.
  • Command your allies: Have you ever thought to yourself “Why do I have to spend minutes on end in a conversation menu to order my companion to attack something, stand still, or even trade with me?” What, again just me? You bastages. Anyways, now with simple commands like “Ally follow”, “Ally wait”, “Ally attack”, and “Ally trade”. Pretty simple, and seemingly easy to use.
  • Item Hotkeys: Have you ever felt it was incredibly frustrating to equip and switch out items and weapons on the fly, even with the Favorites pull-down? See that one I know you agree with. Obviously we all know that the inventory system leaves a lot to be desired. Now you can pull up your Favorites window, highlight your favorite bow and state “Assign Bow”. From that point on no matter what you have equipped you can state “Equip Bow” and suddenly whip out your Glass Bow of Infinite Face Rape. This works for all weapons, spells, items, and even armor it seems.
  • Better Sorting: With Kinect while in your inventory or a shop’s inventory you can state “Sort by weight” or “Sort by value”. This will help you to find what items to trade to your follower when over-encumbered or what items are best to sell for most profit.
  • Efficient Menu Navigation: A simple announcement of “Quick Map” is all it takes to pull up the full world map now. Stating a location such as “Whiterun” or asking “Where am I?” will bring the map to the proper location. Stating “Quick Skills” will also pull up your skill constellations. Saying a name of a skill like “Archery” or “Sneak” will bring you to that skill. Finally, the phrases “Quick Save” and “Quick Load” also work for all of your saving and loading needs.

To see the Kinect in action check out the below video.

As a person who recently started playing Skyrim again, I find all of these features highly interesting. I look forward to trying out our new Kinect when the Kinect update for Skryim shouts its way into the world sometime this during the week of April 23rd. Continue reading