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An Extremely Brief Hiatus

I’m sure by now you all have noticed that I didn’t post the sixth issue of RetroRewind dealing with Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out. Why is that you might ask? Well I became extremely busy dealing with real life stuff and while I was able to finish the game; I was not able to write-up a review. This Monday is my wife and my one-year wedding anniversary, and tomorrow we leave for a trip to Disneyland; which also happens to be where our wedding took place. (At the Disneyland Hotel, not in the park mind you.) I will finish the RetroRewind series during this trip, but probably only releasing the last two parts over the whole trip in some fashion. No matter how awesome you all are, the simple truth is that my wife is far more awesome. That also is proven by the fact that she is going to drive the last third of the journey to California tomorrow so that I can write a review and maybe play a bit of Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail. So look forward to that.

On that note, we will be going through a bit of a communications blackout both here and on the Facebook page. As I’m the only active writer for the site, the site sort of hinges on my ability to post news. Well this weekend that will not be possible, which is also evidenced by the fact that I haven’t written a new issue of Week(ish) In News in, well a week…ish.

This brings me to another topic:
We need your help! If you’re willing that is. To help prevent future blackout periods during the rare trip we are looking for some skilled, or semi-skilled, content generators. What are content generators?

  • Writers – We need writers of a decent quality to write for our growing community. Anyone was interest in nerd culture, whether that be games, comics, movies, TV, or even specific or niche topics can apply. If you have the passion and drive, and hopefully talent then we are certainly looking for you.
  • Visual Artists – Do you have a way with a paint brush, pen, pencil, or graphic design program? Well we are interested in getting some high quality art for the site. Spruce the site up a little bit.
  • Anything Else – Honestly we would love for anyone to submit any content to the site. If we like you’re work, we’ll feature it in some fashion. If you’re work is of a high enough quality we might even make you a regular contributor.

Now I have to stress this point: None of these positions will be paid, for now at least. Maybe in the future if we start making money off the site we will be able to look into this, but for now this is solely for the experience and your own enjoyment.

If you are interested in any of these “positions” then contact us on Facebook or via email.

Stick around, because come next week we shift into semi-overdrive with the site.

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A Fifth Thing!

The presumably lovely people over at College Humor have made an amazing video showcasing a Doctor Who RPG. Sadly the game is not real, but with a phenomenal rendition of Murray Gold’s score in glorious 8-bit how can you not wish it to be so.

There are spoilers a-plenty for Series 5 & 6, so only watch if you’re fully caught up on Doctor Who.

Doctor Who RPG

Edit: I can’t get College Humor’s embedding code to work on the site, so for now just click the link. Maybe I’ll figure out what I’m missing later or they’ll just upload it to YouTube.
2nd Edit: Apparently the link broke on this, so my apologies on that.

Miracle of Sound Easter Egg in Mass Effect 3

Just wanted to throw out a video here. Apparently @miracleofsound the creator of such amazing music as Commander Shepard, Take It Back, and more recently co-creator of Legends of the Frost released a video yesterday showing the easter egg placed into Mass Effect 3 by BioWare. This is confirmed by them, and while it’s not quite what fans had hoped for (something along the lines of full dialogue from the song, or the song being featured as the end credits theme were rumored) it’s still nice that they did something.

The above video was created and posted by Miracle of Sound.