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Finally, we reach the end of our recap on the Microsoft Press Conference.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Words completely escape me when looking at this trailer. It is…just watch it:

The greatest thing about this was Matt Stone and Trey Parker coming out and tearing into Microsoft about their assorted Kinect integration and stuff. They were beyond hysterical and I wish I could find a video of just them to link you all. South Park: The Stick of Truth can’t release soon enough. Continue reading

Now onto Part 3 of our Microsoft Press Conference Recap. We promise to keep all of these posts spoiler-free, unlike the Microsoft Press Conference. Seriously, what was with them spoiling Game of Thrones and Prometheus?

Tomb Raider

I can’t find a decent video to embed, so click through to IGN’s video for Tomb Raider. Continue reading

Check out Part 1 of our Microsoft Press Conference Coverage, and then dive down into Part 2 of our coverage below.

Forza Horizon

Next up is the debut trailer for Forza Horizon! It’s a Forza game; it looks gorgeous. Is anyone really surprised? What is surprising is the open world aspects of it. The trailer kept calling my mind back to Burnout, but maybe that’s just me. Continue reading

So I’m going to do my best to recap everything that happened during the Microsoft Press Conference, even though I sadly wasn’t able to take decent quality screenshots. Sorry about that.


The show kicked off with a trailer for Halo 4:

So, holy shit right?! What a great way to kick off the conference. The live-trailer portion is amazing, while the trailer is mind-blowing. Plus Cortana flips the shit out, and who doesn’t love that! Continue reading

E3 2012: Anticipating Predictions

We had planned to do a mini-cast with the purpose of going over predictions and what games we’re anticipating, but internet failures and poor time management cancelled those plans. Instead we bring you a quick rundown on some rumors, in addition to games we hope to hear more of and the likelihood of that happening. Brad and I spent a whole 15 minutes discussing and analyzing these, so you damn well better listen read it.


Rumor Mill

PS4 Debuts – Not a chance. Look, Sony has openly stated that the PS4 will not be debuting at E3 and I’m willing to believe that statement. The initial “we’re working on it” statement just seemed kind of forced by last year’s announcement of the Wii U, compounded by years of hinting at an Xbox 720. We would be completely shocked to see this appear.

A New Xbox – We’re giving this one an unlikely of appearing. It is possible, because something about Microsoft’s comments have been a bit coy and even stinking of “the lady doth protest too much”. This is a wait and see, but we wouldn’t be shocked if it made a surprise appearance. Microsoft almost has to do something with Sony not announcing a console. Maybe some mock-up images, or concept art. Microsoft has usually been the first one out of the gate with new ideas and consoles, but now Nintendo jumped into their spot…I guess we’ll find out in the morning.

Revamped 3DS – This is by no means a guarantee, but we would be completely shocked if a revamped 3DS didn’t at least get announced at E3. With the initial backlash over the 3DS, mixed with the release of the 2nd extremely obtrusive circle pad, it just seems likely that Nintendo is going to want to discuss options for the 2nd generation of 3DS handheld systems. Personally I want to see a new 3DS so I can justify buying a 3DS to play the next Kingdom Hearts game. (Yes, I’m a whore for the series, what of it?)

Sega Jumps Back Into the Console Market – HAHAHAHAAHAH! Oh that is just too damned adorable! Oh, you are fucking high if you think this is happening.

A Wii U Pokemon MMO – Oh please, yes please. I mean, no never going to happen ever, but still…please!

Anticipated Games

Halo 4 – What will 343 Studios bring us tomorrow for Halo 4? Well we’re expect many a discussion of both the single-player and multiplayer aspects of the game to be sure. A new trailer also seems highly likely, as well as it being playable on the show floor. Can 343 Studios bring forth a Halo as good as the 3 and Reach, well we’ll know more soon.

Assassin’s Creed III – Ubisoft’s press conference will be the place to be tomorrow for any and all news on the new colonial era Assassin’s Creed game. Expect a new trailer, and maybe some demos during Ubisoft’s press conference.

Borderlands 2 – Gearbox will most definitely be showing off the lootgasm of a game sometime this week and you can be sure that we’ll be sitting there, drooling over everything. Borderlands 1 is one of my favorite games that I was never able to finish. (Thanks dickish people who played without me!) Borderlands2 is looking good enough that I can’t wait to dive back onto Pandora for another fest that is of looting.

Kingdom Hearts 3 – Not going to happen. I’m sorry, but I just don’t see Square-Enix making any big announcements about it and it depresses me. It seems far more likely they will make an announcement at the Tokyo Game Show at the end of the summer, and even that will only be for a Kingdom Hearts HD Remake. Just don’t give your hopes up people, but maybe we’ll be lucky then at least…

That about covers our last-minute predictions. We’ll have more for you tomorrow and throughout the week. Stay tuned to @BearPunch & @B_Cogs for potentially quicker updates. We’ll also have posts on the site throughout the day.

E3, a Growing Experience

I haven’t made a formal announcement about E3 yet, so here it goes. We are going to be providing coverage all week for E3, whether that be new game announcements, console announcements, memes being created by idiotic press conferences, the return of Caffeine Guy. You name it, we’ll cover it.

I do want to make one thing clear however: None of our “staff” will be in attendance at E3 this year, so all information will be coming via live-streamed press conferences or through other means. Due to this, and also the fact that we only have two people covering the event, we will likely miss some key information here and there. Also, during the week we might be only writing shorter articles and blurbs to help facilitate getting as much info to you as possible.

It is our hope that this will be a learning experience for us, as well as a way to help us understand how to properly do SDCC next month as well as next year’s E3. Hopefully in person next time!

Tell us what you want to see most, what you like that we write about, and most importantly read and enjoy. Thanks for sticking with us the last few months as we’ve grown.