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Finally, we reach the end of our recap on the Microsoft Press Conference.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Words completely escape me when looking at this trailer. It is…just watch it:

The greatest thing about this was Matt Stone and Trey Parker coming out and tearing into Microsoft about their assorted Kinect integration and stuff. They were beyond hysterical and I wish I could find a video of just them to link you all. South Park: The Stick of Truth can’t release soon enough. Continue reading


Now onto Part 3 of our Microsoft Press Conference Recap. We promise to keep all of these posts spoiler-free, unlike the Microsoft Press Conference. Seriously, what was with them spoiling Game of Thrones and Prometheus?

Tomb Raider

I can’t find a decent video to embed, so click through to IGN’s video for Tomb Raider. Continue reading

So I’m going to do my best to recap everything that happened during the Microsoft Press Conference, even though I sadly wasn’t able to take decent quality screenshots. Sorry about that.


The show kicked off with a trailer for Halo 4:

So, holy shit right?! What a great way to kick off the conference. The live-trailer portion is amazing, while the trailer is mind-blowing. Plus Cortana flips the shit out, and who doesn’t love that! Continue reading