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Calibrating E3 2012

Time for our tenth podcast! This week is a discussion of most things E3, or at the very least the things we felt like discussing. Listen carefully throughout the podcast and you might notice Josh losing his mind. Don’t panic, it’s not an act.

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As the self-appointed Star Wars aficionado for Constantly Calibrating, I have decided to write up the first review of the preview from E3 of Star Wars 1313. Within the simple 4 minute video we get a glimpse inside the general plot as well as some cinematic and gameplay aspects of the game. It appears as though LucasArts is taking a turn towards the darkside with a game that doesn’t shy away from a “mature” rating from the ESRB. You all can watch the video if you want a synopsis of the backstory; I’m too tired and lazy to write one up.

My first thought was that both the cinematics and gameplay footage are absolutely done in a beautiful realistic art form that seamlessly transitions between one another. The two carry over and complement the critically acclaimed Unreal engine we know from games such as Arkham City, Mass Effect 3, and the Gears of War franchise. As in the style of these other AAA titles, the game is an over-the-shoulder combat oriented experience. One initial critique would be the waist-height cover system that seems to permeate the current market. I know this is a  comfortable standard, but it would be nice to see something new and different; not the “oh, lots of waist high walls… Shit’s about to get real” style of gameplay.

Needless to say, we were still shown very little of this game that could be an brilliant success for LucasArts; perhaps even surpassing The Force Unleashed. I, from the bias of one with Star Wars tattooed onto his body, am very excited to see what more LucasArts has to show us.

Tonight Square-Enix unveiled its new Next Gen Luminous Engine at E3 2012. They claim this is real time in game footage aka not a cinematic. They are saying this is next gen tech and I believe that 100%. My question is what are the specs on these new systems going to have to be like to pull it off? Trailer is absolutely gorgeous and looks better than most if not all cinematic this gen. Looks like Unreal engine 4 may have a bit of competition on the block after all. What? You’re still reading this? GO WATCH NOW! Enjoy your Final Fantasy Tech demo!

Wii U Gamepad

Reports are coming out that the Wii U Gamepad, the large tablet-like controller for the Wii U, will feature only a 3-5 hour batter life. What the hell? For most non-casual gamers that is nothing.

It’s also not like it will be easy to charge while playing due to the nature of the controllers use. This is extremely disappointing, especially when you take into account that Nintendo announced this morning on Twitter that having two gamepads hooked up would knock the system’s frame rate in half.

Honestly I’m still excited for the system, but this is just disappointing news for the future of the system.

By the way, all this information can be found on Nintendo’s own site.

E3 2012: Sony Press Conference

Sony certainly did quite the Press Event today, starting off with some maximum levels of dubstep. My write-up for Sony is going to be extra brief, simply because life is like that sometimes. So buckle up and let’s summarize some E3 shit!

Beyond: Two Souls

David Cage of Quantic Dreams came out to arouse entice the audience right at the start of the press conference. Quantic Dreams is known of course for Heavy Rain and expectations are high.

Beyond stars a Jodie (or Jody, not sure) with some semi-supernatural powers. Jodie is played by none other than Ellen Page of Juno and Inception< fame. The game looks interesting, and the visuals are absolutely stunning. I know one of our friends was almost in tears of joy by the time the trailer finished, so this is obviously something to look out for.

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Time for some Super Smash BrosPlaystation All-Stars fighting game stuff. Sony is jumping into the arena with their own take on the fangasm that is franchise fighting games.

The roster of characters so far announced features Sweet Tooth of Twister Metal fame, Fat Princess of Fat Princess “fame”, and of course Sly Cooper. Announced for the first time today was Nathan Drake of you know who fucking Nathan Drake is and Big Daddy of Bioshock fame. I love that Sony is allowing a third-party character into this game.

Now I only have to ask what everyone wants to know: Where is their original mascot, Crash Bandicoot?
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Well Ubisoft certainly kicked off their press conference with a bang. An annoying dance number of a bang, but a bang none-the-less. Starting the show they had rapper Flo Rida come out singing along with back-up dancers to a trailer for Just Dance 4, the next in the yearly series from Ubisoft. After that it was Aisha Tyler’s turn to take the stage as host of the press conference along with her co-host, Youtube’s Tobuscus. Like most guest hosts at Ubisoft’s Press Conferences these two came across as incredibly forced, but at least they were amusing at times. Now onto the rest of the show:


Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 was the first non-spectacle of a game to make it out of the gate. Well that would be true if it wasn’t for the fact that the trailer starts with some of the worst rendered breasts in modern gaming. I would say this trailer is NSFW, but the boobs are so plastic and unrealistic that I wouldn’t worry about it. Follow through to Kotaku for the full trailers for what looks to be the winner of the batshit crazy award of E3.

Next up was another trailer for Splinter Cell: Blacklist, but sadly I can’t find a decent version to put on the site. Honestly I didn’t find what was shown to be any more or less impressive than what was seen during Microsoft’s Press Conference. Continue reading