Shut Up and Take My Money!

Mass Effect Hoodie Project

I caught sight of this while hanging around Twitter earlier today. Apparently a deviantART user by name of lupodirosso posted the image below of some Mass Effect hoodies he designed and submitted to BioWare.

Mass Effect Hoodie Project

I mean, all I can say is holy crap those things are awesome. I’m a huge Garrus fan and as such would gladly purchase the featured Garrus hoodie, but honestly it’s amazing what else this guy came up with. The designs for Tali, Kaidan, and the Collector are simply gorgeous.

Derek Larke BioWare ME Hoodie Discussion

Derek Clarke, Community Manager for BioWare, "discusses" the hoodies with the Treehouse Brand Stores Twitter representative.

So with that I would like to apologize to my wife ahead of time for the massive *smirk* drain on our checking account that this will cause if BioWare follows through in making these a reality.