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Well we’re a bit behind on the news here, but hey I was on vacation so give me a break. A trailer for the Dawnguard, the first expansion DLC for Skyrim, debuted online last week and we’re here to bring you anywhere from your first through dozenth look at the latest from Bethesda.

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Mounted Combat Coming to Skyrim!

Well, this was both expected and unexpected all at once. Bethesda just posted that mounted combat will be coming to Skyrim with patch 1.6.

Skyrim Mounted Combat

For more info on what’s coming to the patch you can check out the patch info below or head straight over to the Bethesda Blog post.

1.6 Update (all platforms unless specified)


  • Mounted Combat – Skyrim now allows you to do melee and ranged combat while riding a horse
  • </ul

    • General stability and memory optimizations
    • General AI pathfinding optimizations and bug fixes
    • Optimizations and crash fixes for data leaks
    • Fixed rare crash with lighting
    • Fixed crashes related to loading and saving games
    • Fixed crash with summoned creatures/NPCs
    • Fixed rare issue where saves would be corrupted
    • Improved logic for when ranged kill cams are played
    • Fixed issue with ranged kill cams while killing a dragon
    • Fixed rare issue with certain ranged kill cams not playing properly
    • Fixed issue with nirnroot lighting not properly cleaning up
    • Fixed issue where bow damage was being calculated incorrectly
    • Fixed rare problem with werewolf kill moves would not finish animating properly
    • In “The Break of Dawn” fixed rare issue where Meridia’s Beacon would disappear from player’s inventory
    • Fixed occasional issue where followers would disappear after player pays off a bounty after committing a crime
    • Fixed issue where certain creatures and NPCs would fail to respawn properly
    • Fixed rare issue with dialogue subtitles not displaying properly
    • Fixed issue with water appearing blurry when loading a saved game after creating a save underwater
    • Fixed issue where map cursor would occasionally disappear after closing a message box with Kinect enabled (Xbox 360)
    • Fixed rare issue with shouts only performing the first level and not other unlocked levels with Kinect enabled (Xbox 360)
    • Fixed issue where the shout buttons would stop working properly if users mashed LB and RB during cooldown with Kinect enabled (Xbox 360)

Yesterday we told you a little tale about the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online. Today we bring you the game’s first teaser trailer. For those curious, it’s narrated by Michael Gambon, or Albus Dumbledore to Harry Potter fans. Why are you still reading my commentary up here? Go watch it!

Hello to you all! I was in the middle of typing up a “hey, we’re back!” edition of Week(ish) In News, when suddenly I see an announcement pop up. The Elder Scrolls Online, yes the long fabled Elder Scrolls MMO has been announced!

Game Informer broke the news earlier with a reveal of their June magazine cover:

Game Informer June Cover - The Elder Scrolls Online

I will also save you from my faboyish rambling for another minute by simply quoting what they had to say on the game’s story:

Developed by the team at Zenimax Online Studios, The Elder Scrolls Online merges the unmatched exploration of rich worlds that the franchise is known for with the scale and social aspects of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Players will discover an entirely new chapter of Elder Scrolls history in this ambitious world, set a millennium before the events of Skyrim as the daedric prince Molag Bal tries to pull all of Tamriel into his demonic realm.

The plan is for the game to have three factions competing in open-world warfare over the province of Cyrodiil and the Emperor’s throne. It is also heavily implied by Game Informer that we will be journeying from “Elsweyr to Skyrim and everywhere in between.” Looks like the Khajiit homeland will finally be getting some screen time.

Keep checking back here for more information as it develops. If you would rather, you could also go directly to Game Informer’s Elder Scrolls Online hub for more info. But hey, what would be the fun in that? Plus we think you’re way prettier than they do, so stick around cause…you left already, didn’t you? Fine…

Source: “June Cover Revealed: The Elder Scrolls Online (Game Informer)”

Update: Check out our article here for a sneak peak at The Elder Scrolls Online with its first teaser trailer.