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Good News Everyone!

Good News Everyone!

Sometime tomorrow, or possibly the next day, will essentially be shut down. WHAT?! But I thought you said it was good news!

Yes, yes. Calm down and allow me to explain, imaginary voice in my head. Yes, our WordPress ‘blog’ will cease to be tomorrow, but in its place will be a whole new Constantly Calibrating! Well, to the naked eye it will probably look the same, but only at first. Sometime between 10PM PDT (1AM EDT) tonight and 10PM EDT (1AM EDT) tomorrow ConCal will be torn up from its WordPress roots and repotted in its new home at So make sure prior to tonight you update whatever bookmarks or whatever with the proper information. I don’t know if our site will still be up and running during this timeframe, so don’t be alarmed if you visit us and find nothing during the next 24-48 hours.

I will have more updates on things as they develop, but stay tuned to ConCal, our fan page on Facebook, and maybe even my personal Twitter (if I remember to start updating it again) for any and all info. is LIVE! (Sort of)

Big announcement time. Starting today you can officially find our site by directing your choice browser over to Make sure to bookmark the new address, that is if you’re into bookmarking or have done it before for us.

At this time nothing will change for the site, you’ll simply be redirected to the same place as always. However, starting later this summer we hope to have a fully functioning, beautiful website to show you. So stick around and keep up to date on our Facebook page; or follow Steven, Brad, and myself on Twitter.

A New Author Enters the Arena!

Hey, so with E3 fast approaching it seemed like the right time to welcome another member to our friendly little team: Brad Coggins, or Xanoxim as he will be known until such time as we venture out into our own site. (Soon.)

Give him the same vague and unfocused enthusiasm you all have shown Steven and I.

ConCal Site Update

Some of you may have noticed that there has been a lack of regular news updates on Constantly Calibrating over the last couple of weeks. The reasoning for this is that trying to work on my first book and summer travel plans have eaten into my schedule. Have no fear though, for regular updates will be happening for most major upcoming events such as E3 and San Diego Comic-Con. Starting this week I will also be instituting a series of new columns on the site each and every weekday. Here is a rundown of what to expect from this point out:

Mondays – Starting today I will be writing a weekly column called “Creative Day” (Seriously, if anyone has a better name for this just recommend please.) “Creative Day” will be focused on whatever random thing I feel like writing about in that moment. This week’s article will likely focus on my opinions of cruises, seeing as I’m currently on one. Then again I haven’t written it yet, so maybe my opinion will change in the next few minutes.

Tuesdays – Tuesdays will be weekly editions of “Shut Up and Take Our Money!”, which will focus mostly on Kickstarter campaigns I’m currently fond of, but may transition into any other awesome nerdy items I happen upon in my internet travels. If you see a Kickstarter you would like me to discuss you can post it here.

Wednesdays – Comics are the focus of Wednesdays. Coming up with a name for Comics is also a goal I’m working on. My wife and I started reading (rereading in my case) the Marvel Ultimate Universe of comics last week and I thought it might be interesting to write-up a combination review, commentary, rantathon each week for what we’ve read.

Thursdays – Thursdays will switch off each week to every three weeks between two columns. The first is our incredibly popular “RetroRewind”. For those not familiar, in “RetroRewind” I take a look at older games and do a bit of commentary and review. You hopefully are familiar with my Leisure Suit Larry series I did last month. If you would like to recommend a game for me to play, let me know in the comments, on Facebook, or Twitter.

All other weeks we will feature a column called “Active Play”. In “Active Play” I will simply discuss what I’m actively playing. Funny how that works. Any topic related to video games may be featured, so we’ll see what I think of for this week.

Thursdays, starting again June 7th, will continue to be the release day for new episodes of “Constantly Calibrating” hosted by myself and the lovely and talented Steven Needham.

Fridays – “A Week(ish) in News” makes its semi-triumphant return! I’m not dropping news all together, but instead moving it into a variety column of sorts for Fridays. All news related to all things nerd culture can, and will, be featured from the prior week.

That about covers the upcoming changes to Constantly Calibrating; more is still to come so stick around for news and announcements as we think of them!

Phoenix Nerdist Tickets Looking for a Nice Home

I’m in the process of editing the podcast that discusses this contest, but thought I would do a quick write-up as well. Steven is in possession of one (1) ticket to tomorrow night’s Nerdist Podcast Live showing in Phoenix. Steven just found out that he will be working during the show and as such in unable to attend. We are looking to pass the ticket onto one of you, so here is the details:

Nerdist Podcast Live with Chris Hardwick at Stand Up Live
Special Guest: Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation)
May 25th, 2012 7:30PM
50 W. Jefferson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85003

If you are interested in winning this contest you simply need to either “like” us on Facebook, follow myself on Twitter, or follow Steven on Twitter. Then email
with the following:

Subject: Nerdist Tickets Contest
Your name, where you’re following us, and your username where you are following us if applicable.

It’s incredibly simple. The first five (5) emails will be entered in the contest. As soon as we get five entries or at 1AM Pacific time (whichever comes first) we will randomly choose one of the winners to receive a ticket.

Thank you for taking the time to enter and being a fan of us. Force be with ye!

Of E3 Blogging and

This article was originally posted today to IGN on my gaming blog there. The post was meant as an entry in their contest to blog for them for E3. I made the mistake of not reading the full official rules prior to my writing and ended up finding out that it had to me no more than 100 words in length. Woops! As such I’m posting the original to you, our loyal readers.

Now if anyone from IGN sees this and feels it violates the rules of the contest in some way, please inform me and I will be more than happy to remove it. Thanks!


Hello gentle immortal beings of it is I, Joshua Silverman Lord of the realm of calibrations that need to be done constantly; or Constantly Calibrating if you will. I beseech thee to…you know what, no more poorly construed middle-English for this post. Let’s get down to the facts about why I want to blog about E3 for you and why you should let me.

The Desire of Visiting E3

There is no doubt that everyone who posts about E3 will share similar if not near identical reasoning for wanting to go: “Holy Frell! OH MY GARRUS! Let me play games and write about them and squee like a small child!” We’re all gamers and nerds and lovers of entertainment. We’re the fanboys and fangirls that froth at the mouth, and possibly other parts whenever talk of exclusive trailers, news, and first-looks appear. To be able to be part of that experience; to be the one showing off to the world our fandom and bringing news is a dream to us all.

My gaming life started young, like many of my generation. Both of my parents bought me an NES back when I was around 3-5 years old. After that the paths diverged: My mother decided to buy me a Super Nintendo; my father a Sega Genesis. From that point on I was hooked, but not on the world of consoles which I did love, but on PC gaming. While both of my parents were fighting for my gaming love (actually they didn’t really care to the best of my knowledge, they just bought me different systems) I was busy being engrossed in the world of making my father spend hours on end installing games in DOS, I mean playing wonderful PC games. My earliest loves were adventure games like Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max Hit the Road, and Leisure Suit Larry. To this day I still replay all of these classic adventure games, as well as look forward to potential remakes and reboots. You can check out my RetroRewind series of articles on Leisure Suit Larry and its upcoming remake here.

As I have grown into a man child in his late-20’s I have not journeyed far from the world of gaming. My tastes migrated away from PC gaming and into the world of console gaming, focusing primarily on the Xbox 360, but my love is of all gaming. Well that and my wife, but she loves gaming too so it’s a happy threesome. Nowadays you would be hard-pressed to
find me not engrossed in the worlds of Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed, Dragon Age, and Kingdom Hearts; some of my favorite universes. See that’s the point of gaming now. It is no longer just about the game, but the universe in which the games exists. Games have their own universes that they inhabit and depict for us, the loyal gamers.

But enough about my needs, let’s talk about yours…

The Immortal Gamers Make a Choice

Now you’re probably asking: “Why should we choose this rambling fool to cover gaming’s biggest event?” (By the way, that’s a really hurtful thing to call someone. Way to be rude.) Well the answer is simple, to me at least. Passion! I’m extremely passionate about gaming and not just gaming, but all avenues of nerd-culture. That’s why my best friend Steven Needham and I started Constantly Calibrating. It was originally intended as a podcast devoted to all things nerdy: Gaming, Movies, Comics, TV, Cosplay, and whatever else comes to mind. What I’ve always said to people when asked about the birth of Constantly Calibrating is “After a few days of discussion Steven and I sat down and realized that we needed to start our own podcast. It was the sensible solution to a problem we hadn’t created yet.” What we hadn’t expected was the problem ConCal had created for us.

Having a podcast was great and we knew it would be an enjoyable experience, but where would we host it and how would we get people to listen. It occurred to me that I could parlay my love and aspirations of writing into a blog for us. The podcasts would exist as a weekly journey into our minds, but the site would allow me to keep people interested in us. It would also function as a community for like-minded nerds to congregate and discuss nerdy things. Obviously there are already thousands of such places, but that didn’t lessen the want of having our own. At this time we’re trying to grow the site into more than just a blog, but this isn’t the place for those discussions.

Constantly Calibrating is my passion, and writing is a huge portion of that passion. It encompasses all the things I love in this world of nerd-related stuff. If I was chosen to attend E3 on behalf of I would bring that same passion to every post I made. My love of gaming would ooze out of my pores and encrust IGN in my blogging goodness. All I ask is to be given the opportunity.

Thank you for your time.