“In with the new, out with the old” is a classic saying that seems very relevant with the videogame industry. We, as a community, like to have the newest, fastest games, with the cleanest graphics possible. But speaking as a self-proclaimed veteran of the gaming industry, it is nice to have the chance to climb into my closet, pull out the antiquated systems, blow the dust from the cartridge and revisit some of my old adventures.

The people at Game Over Videogames share this idea, giving gamers a chance to stomp goombas as a 2D Mario in Super Mario Bros. or defeat Ganondorf from an overhead perspective in The Legend of Zelda. The Texas based company gives gamers a chance to live in the gaming ways of yesteryear. I had a chance to speak to the North Austin Store Manager, Joshua, on the RTX convention floor. Needless to say, I barraged him with a plethora of questions about their company of the wonderful and nostalgic history of video games. A humble company, with only five brick-and-mortar locations, they truly cherish the glory of and splendor of previous generations of video games.

The only company of its kind (that I know of), they are actually thriving with a loyal fan base, who are willing to trade in their classic games for the chance to explore a whole new, yet classic game world. This trade based economy is what allows them to have such amazing low prices and an ever changing catalog. Imagine having the same amount of gameplay and adventure of a modern $60 release for ¼ the price, only sacrificing the modern splendor of updated graphics and sound. I invite everyone to take a look at their online store at www.gameovervideogames.com if for nothing more than a trip down nostalgia lane. Who knows? You may be like me and find yourself with a “new” copy of Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64 that I still have hooked up.

Game Over Videogames

You can find Gameover Videogames online at www.gameovervideogames.com or on Facebook under the name “Gameover Videogames” as well as on Twitter at @GameoverGames.