Yesterday morning I sat down and thought to myself, “What should I write about for today’s Creative Day?” Well as you all might imagine, it’s never a good sign when I have to sit and think about what would be best to write about. Most articles I’ve written for the site have been ideas that popped into my head and immediately made their way onto your screens. This was not the case for yesterday’s article as evidenced by the fact that I’m referring to it as yesterday’s article. This has become a common problem for me since Constantly Calibrating began: getting articles out in a timely, regular fashion. The major reason for these complications is that had you asked me three months ago about my daily plans, I would not list running a nerd-culture multimedia website. (Yes, I realize our site barely qualifies as multimedia currently, but in this area patience can be a virtue.)

The honest truth is that if you asked me a little over two months ago about my plans for the site I would probably respond back, “Site? What site? Constantly Calibrating is just simple podcasting Steven and I came up with.” Well this past Sunday was three months since we started the podcast and two months since I started devoting serious time to the site. These days it seems like 80% of my time is spent planning out things for the site, but here lies the major issue. Planning is one thing, implementation is something entirely different.

Let me pause here for a moment, because I feel some history of where Constantly Calibrating began might be necessary. Those of you who listen to our podcast have heard us talk at varying lengths about our origins, but now seemed like a good time to actually explore this. Instead of going into another lengthy explanation, I’m going to copy an email that I recently sent to the organizers of leetUP. leetUP is the nerd carnival organized by Kevin Pereira, former co-host of Attack of the Show on G4, and also the event that spawned the idea for Constantly Calibrating. The email was my attempt at a request for leetUP to make an appearance near Phoenix during its upcoming tour, but it started as a simple email expressing my love and admiration for the event. Read on for my email as well as where we hope ConCal goes next.

Hi there. This is a semi-formal request, without any actual formality, to see leetUP happen somewhere near Phoenix, Arizona. Earlier this year my wife heard me mumbling and bitching about the fact that I wanted to go to the first ever leetUP, but knowing that it would be pricey and something I would never actually ask to do. Well, a week later she surprised me on Valentine’s Day with tickets and hotel reservations for the show, and it made me so happy.

We drove out to LA on the day of the event and stayed in an overpriced, but decent, hotel within walking distance of Club Nokia. The show was the pinnacle of amazingness, even with the horrors that were Club Nokia’s security. Actually, to hell with their security, because nothing can dampen the wonders of that evening. Why was it so wonderful, well because that night was the night that my life suddenly clicked. Chris Hardwick, Kevin Smith, and the lovely Kevin Pereira were on stage discussing podcasting and getting yourself out into the world and suddenly I had a thought: “Why the fuck am I sitting on my ass doing absolutely nothing except for aspiring to things? Why am I not doing things?” It was commented on that if I want to do something, just do it; to hell with if it’s good, because I would never find out if I didn’t try. I had heard these words thousands of times in my life, but hearing it from three people who I damn near idolize at once suddenly made it real to me.

On the drive home the next day my wife and I joked around about how my best friend Steven and I should record our conversations as a podcast, because most people we know think we’re hysterical. Any other day that would have been an interesting concept, but on that day I decided to contact Steven and see if he had interest. Well it’s now 3 months later and we have nine podcast episodes under our belt as well as a site for nerdy stuff that I’m trying to build. It’s small, rickety, and kind of idiotic, but it has become my life and I love it. On top of that I finally got off my ass, organized my notes and am in the process of writing my first novel. This is something I’ve always dreamed of, but put off for whatever reason.

So this email is both an extreme thank you to Kevin Pereira and the folks behind leetUP, as well as a request to bring it to Arizona. Not just for me, but for all the nerds and awesome people hear who need to be inspired as well.

Even though I don’t know if anyone will read this I still want to thank you all for your time and awesomeness.

–Joshua Silverman (@BearPunch)
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Now we’re nearly four months out from leetUP and here I sit writing an article as a quasi-explanation as to why I haven’t been writing as much. The simple truth is that I have far too much time planning the future of the site, which has made me negligent to the present. We are still going to follow through on these future plans, but for now we’re going to stick to what we do well (we do something well?): writing interesting articles; hosting an amusing podcast; and thinking up a third thing that we do well. In the future I hope to have more content for you, but for now the only major thing we have in planning is a complete site overhaul. That however is taking longer than expected, but we will keep you posted as things change. Make sure you’re visiting us at so when the change happens you won’t miss out on anything.

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to visit and read our site. Also, to those of you who subscribe and listen to our podcast. We have a new episode popping up on the site later today, as well as a huge announcement coming out tomorrow. Stay tuned!