Dead Space 3
Kicked off the show here with a nice Trailer and the mention of drop-in drop-out co-op. Scheduled for release February 13′ Isaac Clarke will return with a new companion by the name of John Carver.

I won’t claim any love or understanding for the Madden franchise myself. I can tell you as much as they ahe a new Infinity “Physics you can feel” engine and are introducing a new Connected Careers RPG type legacy level up system. It’s honestly much for me as I’ve never had much interest in it but maybe you can glean more from this bit than I did if you’re a sportsball fan.

The original king and creator of the “Simulation” games is back and hitting hard. First up was a new Facebook game SimCity Social. Not many details were given but it looks like they took the graphical style of SimCity 2000 spruced it up and added Facebook style multiplayer elements. Honestly I think this is brilliant and will be a highly addictive social networking game. Available “soon”

SimCity as a true PC IP  is also set to return February  ’13.  In a word it looks GORGEOUS. I for one cannot wait to get this game myself as it was my first PC game growing up. Everything about this update looks great right now, down the the little details of ‘dropping’ the buildings as you place them.

Battlefield 3
“Premium” Service has been announced and is available NOW for 49.99 USD.  The service provides new in game items, events, dogtags, cammo/weapon skins, and more. Also included is “Back to Karkand” and 5 expansion packs and introduces motorcycles to the game for the first time. Not a BF3 player myself but this is clearly aimed at competing with the Call of Duty Elite service.

Star Wars: The Old Republic
This a bit closer to my heart here as an early adopter who has now left the game until such time as I see enough new content to warrant a return. The game is going Free to Play (F2P) up to lvl 15 later this July. Also the Cathar race will become playable at some point this year.

Medal of Honor Warfighter
Again not my cup of tea for shooters but pretty visuals..Overall it comes off pretty generic as far as shooters. Have a look at the trailer below for a bit of eye candies.

EA Sports
EA Sports announced some minor details a few other franchises: NHL will use a new skating engine this year. NBA Live will feature season long changes to the game though I thought they already did this myself. The biggest things came from Fifa in that they said Fifa 12 progress with levels and xp will transfer to the new Fifa 13′. Also a new iPhone app which will connect you to the game and their “Football club”.

The biggest announcement though for them came in the form of a multi year deal with UFC to acquire the IP. I find this rather amusing as I remember Dana White swearing off going to them at some point in the past. I wonder how large of a truck of money they dumped in his yard to get that.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted
SO EXCITED! This is by far my favorite racer of all time and I’m so glad EA finally had the brains to go back to the well on this one. Also seems like they added a bit of burnout to it but not so heavy it changes the gameplay. Focus this time around is becoming the most wanted among your friends. Sounds good to me. Why are you still reading? Go watch this!

Crysis 3
They ended the show with Crysis 3 which is as could be expected beautiful. Never tried it myself but I hear nothing but good things. So enjoy some more eye candies! This was the end after that, rather abruptly I might add. Almost like they cut the cameras and showed something secret.

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