Now onto Part 3 of our Microsoft Press Conference Recap. We promise to keep all of these posts spoiler-free, unlike the Microsoft Press Conference. Seriously, what was with them spoiling Game of Thrones and Prometheus?

Tomb Raider

I can’t find a decent video to embed, so click through to IGN’s video for Tomb Raider.

The trailer looks absolutely gorgeous and unlike last year it doesn’t look like Lara will moan when taking damage. But seriously, watch the trailer she takes so many hits that it breaks through to the point of ridiculousness. Honestly the game looks great and very Uncharted-like. Can’t wait for this one to release. Also announced that first DLC will be a timed exclusive for Microsoft.

Ascend: New Gods, LocoCycle, & Matter Announced

New from Signal Studios, developers behind Toy Soldiers, is Ascend: New Gods. The game looks pretty awesome, with kind of vaguely claymation style of animation.

Twister Pixel’s new game LocoCycle was also debuted, but sadly there doesn’t appear to be a trailer available online at this time.

Finally from Gore Verbinski, director of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, is Matter. Matter appears to be a Portal-like puzzle styled game.


Wreckateer appears to be a Kinect title that is Angry Birds meets 3rd-person perspective. Honestly it looks like an amazing drinking game, and one I hope to play this summer.

Stick around for the Part 4, the final part in our Microsoft Press Conference coverage.