Check out Part 1 of our Microsoft Press Conference Coverage, and then dive down into Part 2 of our coverage below.

Forza Horizon

Next up is the debut trailer for Forza Horizon! It’s a Forza game; it looks gorgeous. Is anyone really surprised? What is surprising is the open world aspects of it. The trailer kept calling my mind back to Burnout, but maybe that’s just me.

New Search and Entertainment Options Coming to Xbox

Microsoft debuted new information on improved functionality coming to Kinect. New search options, allowing you to use voice search to find most anything with ease. On top of that they’re bring support for more languages to Kinect.

Machinima, Nickelodeon, Paramount Studios, and Univision have content coming to Xbox Live later in the year, but nothing is known about what exactly.

Microsoft is also trying to kick the crap out of DirectTV with the announcement of NBA and NHL coming to Xbox Live in the same capacity of their MLB app. ESPN is also being improved with functionality from all ESPN channels as well.

Xbox Music & Nike

Xbox Music will be launching for Xbox 360, PC, Tablet, and Phones later this year. I honestly don’t know much about this because they didn’t seem to say anything of importance.

Matthew McCaunaghy’s creepy brother next took the stage to talk about Nike’s integration with Xbox Live. The most entertaining and insightful aspect of this was thinking it was actually him. Some new fitness stuff and bored journalists were featured.

SmartGlass is Official

Microsoft debuted their SmartGlass technology. Instead of trying to explain it, you should watch the below video. It would make more sense than my incoherent rambling.

Part 3 of our Microsoft Press Conference to come soon.