Well we’re a bit behind on the news here, but hey I was on vacation so give me a break. A trailer for the Dawnguard, the first expansion DLC for Skyrim, debuted online last week and we’re here to bring you anywhere from your first through dozenth look at the latest from Bethesda.

Well, that was the definition of epic was it not?

So what is this expansion giving us? Well let’s sit down and look at the trailer to see:

Vampires, Are you with them or against them?

Dawnguard VampiresFirst things first, vampires finally get their due in the world of Skyrim. Now, I have not played a vampire in Skyrim as of yet, but from what I have heard some people were disappointed; especially compared to the gameplay of werewolves. The initial image for the DLC showed the standard model Dovakiin will all sparkly, glowy eyes. From that it was assumed that vampires would have a some part in the story of Dawnguard and that of course is the case.

Vampires are getting a bit of an overhaul, as in you now appear to be able to morph into a rather large vampiric monster. It is not known if this will be a change you can make at will, or only a feature of the main quest. Another edition to the vampire arsenal is the ability to feed on innocents at will, while they’re fully awake. Definitely nothing wrong there.

On top of that it appears that a coven of vampires will be one of the two factions at war throughout the DLC’s storyline. The vampires are looking to find a way to blot out the sun, while the Dawnguard are a group looking to stop them. Pretty simple stuff, but makes you wonder if you choose the vampires will you be able to live in a world with no sunlight. Having the ability to float around, freely feeding on victims would certainly increase my interest in what I have always found to be a dull side of Elder Scrolls games.

New Weaponry

Crossbows are being added to Skyrim to aid in your vampire slaying, or in your subjugation of mankind. Either way the new crossbow model shown below looks gorgeous.

Dawnguard Crossbows

New Monsters, New Dragon-play

Assorted new enemy types are being added to the game, including some sort of fanged ice giant creature. Honestly, I’m just hoping they add in the ability for these new frost giants to send you back into orbit, because that was the greatest feature in Skryim at launch.

On top of that, dragons are getting new gameplay elements. In the trailer we spy a dragon diving below the surface of a frozen lake. What this means for dragon-slaying, who knows. Maybe, they’ll regenerate health or have a tea party with an Argonian and a slaughterfish.

Dawnguard is scheduled for release sometime this summer for Xbox 360 for 1600 Microsoft Points, with Playstation 3 and PC versions to follow later on. We will keep you up to date with any new details that may surface during E3, so stick around for our entirely not exclusive coverage of that.

*Update* It has been reported that Dawnguard will release for the Xbox 360 on June 26th for $20, or 1600 Microsoft Points. The game will also include new perk trees for vampires and werewolves, which sounds damned interesting.