I haven’t made a formal announcement about E3 yet, so here it goes. We are going to be providing coverage all week for E3, whether that be new game announcements, console announcements, memes being created by idiotic press conferences, the return of Caffeine Guy. You name it, we’ll cover it.

I do want to make one thing clear however: None of our “staff” will be in attendance at E3 this year, so all information will be coming via live-streamed press conferences or through other means. Due to this, and also the fact that we only have two people covering the event, we will likely miss some key information here and there. Also, during the week we might be only writing shorter articles and blurbs to help facilitate getting as much info to you as possible.

It is our hope that this will be a learning experience for us, as well as a way to help us understand how to properly do SDCC next month as well as next year’s E3. Hopefully in person next time!

Tell us what you want to see most, what you like that we write about, and most importantly read and enjoy. Thanks for sticking with us the last few months as we’ve grown.