During our upcoming podcast (which will be posted tomorrow) Steven and I briefly discuss the upcoming The Walking Dead videogame. After Steven weighed in on his thoughts I decided to look up Telltale’s site to see how much it was selling for. Well it turns I came across way more than I was expecting.

For just $22.49 you can order The Walking Dead, however for just an addition $20 you can also get the Telltale “Almost Everything Pack”. No seriously, I don’t think you understand how awesome that is. This usually sells on its own for around $89.99, so  to get it plus a new Telltale game for less than half the cost is outstanding. Here’s what you get in addition to The Walking Dead:


  • Sam & Max Seasons 1 to 3 – Holy shit! If I didn’t already own Sam & Max Seasons 1 & 2 on the 360 and Season 3 on the PC I would jump at this just for them. The original Sam & Max Hit the Road is easily in my favorite games of my childhood. Sam & Max Seasons 1 & 2 were just amazing games/game series. Season 3 however blew both of them out of the water with the change in visual and story style. You would be quite the ridiculous individual to hold off in playing these amazing games.
  • Back to the Future – Wait, frell…seriously? Ok, I LOVED the Back to the Future game. It didn’t hurt that when they released the first episode I had just come off of a BttF movie marathon, but still. Much like other Telltale Games, Back to the Future is a brilliantly constructed adventure game. Much like Sam & Max before it, it’s not perfect, however it still a delightful story that fills in as Back to the Future IV. How is that you ask? Well Because the original creators of BttF worked on the project. Also they got Christopher Lloyd to reprise the role of Doc Brown. AJ LoCascio does the voice of Marty McFly for this game in lieu if Michael J. Fox, but there’s nothing wrong with that. AJ does a better Marty McFly impersonation than Fox might be capable of nowadays. Don’t worry though, Michael J. Fox does make a late-series cameo that is worth sticking around for.
  • Jurassic Park – From this point on my excitement is going to die down a bit as I haven’t played any of the other games in this collection. I’m a huge fan of the Jurassic Park movies, and this game looks highly enjoyable, though I have read a handful of less than favorable reviews. Still, you get it essentially for free, so what’s not to like.
  • Law & Order – Alright, if you thought I knew next to nothing about our last entry, than put on your frustration caps, cause here we go! Law & Order is a game based on the classic TV show and it’s made by Telltale Games. Yeah, that’s all I’ve got…sorry.
  • Hector: Badge of Carnage – I read both a preview and review of Hector back during last year and it raised my interest. However at the time I was lacking funds, so it was neglected. Still looks like an enjoyable romp.
  • Puzzle Agent 1 & 2 – I received the original Puzzle Agent for free with a purchase awhile back and have been meaning to play it, but the backlog of games only grows instead of shrinking. Still, it seems like a good addition to the collection, as well as its sequel.
  • Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People – I recently discovered that I own Telltale’s take on the Strong Bad classic web series (before that was even a term). Which is odd since I missed the Strong Bad movement myself. However, it is now lying towards the top of my PC gaming backlog. Hopefully soon I will find the time to journey into it’s world.

There you have it, The Telltale “Almost Everything Pack” with The Walking Dead. You should go buy it before they stop offering it. Trust me, it’s worth it.