Hey, we have some fun news for your guys, so sit down and listen (read, for those who are actually aware of what activity they are doing right now). As you guys are well aware, those of you who maybe read my article “Microsoft’s ‘Arcade Next’ from a few weeks back, Microsoft started releasing a series of Live Arcade games last week. These games feature twice the maximum gamerscore (400, up from 200) which is expected to roll out to future Live Arcade games as well.

Starting last week Microsoft Studios teamed up with a group of YouTube gamers, dubbed “Arcade NEXT All-Stars”, to have them host a series of live-streaming events each week for that weeks game release. Last week they had Olga Kay take on Trials Evolution, which can be found on Youtube. This weeks event, taking place tomorrow April 25th at 5PM PST on Twitch.TV, will have famous YouTube gamer Tobuscus take on Bloodforge.

More information on upcoming events can be found below:

Microsoft Studios Presents Arcade NEXT

Experience the next level of downloadable games with Arcade NEXT, a four-week promotion featuring the NEXT in Gamerscore, the NEXT in visual fidelity, and the NEXT in platform-defining gameplay! Beginning April 18, each Wednesday brings a new adventure with increased gamerscore and achievements.  For more information, and to purchase the games, visit: http://www.xbox.com/arcadenext

Trials Evolution

Available Now

Live event hosted by Olga Kay

Bust out of the warehouse into an outdoor world of night and day, curved driving lines and spectacular scenery. Build your own tracks with the in-game editor or download challenging tracks created by other players. Customize your rider and grab Trials Evolution for the next generation of motorcycle racing games!


Available April 25

Live event hosted by Tobuscus Wednesday, April 25 at 5pm PST on Twitch.TV

With a brutal combat system, stunning art style and a deeply compelling story, Bloodforge sends you into battle. Slaughter hordes of demonic soldiers, deformed worshippers and the gods themselves with Rage Kills, Rune Attacks and Weapon Combos. Seal Crom’s fate in this dark, visceral story.

Fable Heroes

Available May 2

Live Event Hosted By Katers17 Wednesday, May 2 at 5pm PST on Twitch.TV

This action-packed, hack-and-slash adventure delivers a fresh spin on the Fable franchise with a unique art style and gameplay that takes playful competition to the next level. Whether on the couch or playing co-op on Xbox LIVE, work together to defeat enemies and collect gold coins.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Available May 9

Live Event Hosted By Seananners Wednesday, May 9 at 5pm PST on Twitch.TV

The infinite possibilities of Minecraft just got bigger, bringing the phenomenal experience to a game console for the first time. The Arcade version includes an innovative new crafting interface, natural controller movements, plus local and online muiltiplayer modes.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow to check out Tobuscus playing Bloodforge live on Twitch.TV.

Sometime tomorrow we will also be giving out a free code for Bloodforge. Check out, and like, our Facebook Fan Page for more info on this and any further contests.