Good morning to you all!

I just wanted to take some time out to sit down and thank you all for taking the time to visit our little site here. The support we have been receiving has been phenomenal. There are a couple of news items related to us that I would like to mention while I have your attention though. Wait, no seriously they’re kind of important! Don’t look away! Hey you can watch porn and read our site at the same time, it’s not difficult, just give me a moment. What if I told you there was the possibility to win a code for the Ghost Recon: Future Solder closed beta on the Xbox360. Do I have your attention now?

Yes, that is right. Over at our Facebook page we are giving out five(5)* possible codes to the closed beta for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. All we ask is that you like our Facebook page and get one(1) other person to do so as well. Then just leave a comment on the post and the code is yours. Subscribing to our podcast on iTunes would also be appreciated; as would writing a review. That however won’t win you a code, just our undying affection. (Value estimated at $42.78 USD.)

*Note: 4 of the codes we have may need a copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction in the disc tray for the initial download. 1 however does not. As such we are only capable of guaranteeing that the first winner will actually get a 100% working beta code. However if you win one of the other 4 you could always buy a used copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction and play it. We’re also not responsible if you choose to only use that copy for its downloadable goodness and then casually return it. That would be completely up to you.

Speaking of our FB page: You might want to head over there and check out our new cover photo with original art made by my wife Charnell. She stayed up late into the night last night to finish an original cartoon of Steven and I as part of our 1.5 month anniversary for the podcast. Also, we’re not celebrating a 1.5 month anniversary, but it seemed like something to claim we were celebrating to get you more interested. Did it work?

Again, thank you all for the crap-ton of support you’ve shown to us. You keep listening and reading and we’ll keep staying sober long enough to write something, and drunk enough to forget where the microphone is to record a podcast.