Before we kick into the latest edition of SUATOM! I thought I would make a few comments:

First off, from this point on I will be referring to “Shut Up And Take My Money!” as “Shut Up And Take Our Money!” or SUATOM! for short. This seemed like the right choice to make, plus SUATOM! is far more enjoyable to say. Seriously, say SUATOM! out loud right now and tell me that it doesn’t make you chuckle just a little.

Secondly, I realize that I only just wrote the first article yesterday, but I simply did not want to wait another week to bring you some Kickstarter campaigns that I myself am following. Now onto the article itself:

Make Leisure Suit Larry come again!

Let’s just right in with the big guns! Words can not express my excitement over this Kickstarter campaign. I have been a long standing fan of Leisure Suit Larry, going back to around the release of Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail in 1996. Just so we have an understanding, that means I have been a fan since I was roughly 11-years-old. Shh, don’t tell my dad…oh wait, he bought me LSL7 & 1998’s Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino while my mom bought me The Complete LSL after quite a bit of pleading on my part. Damn, my parent’s were really awesome!

Anyways, that leads me to the more recent games not starring the beloved Larry Laffer. Yes, the piss-poor games starring one Larry Lovage (or Loveage as Box Office Bust decided to rename him since the lack of an “E” made it entirely unclear that his last name was a play on love…) are the ones I speak of. Now I just want to say that Magna Cum Laude wasn’t the worst thing in the world. It was not a proper LSL game, but it had a certain twisted overly-profane charm. Box Office Bust on the other hand was an unmitigated post-abortion piece of crap. BOB was actually the very first game I ever traded in. I didn’t even care that I received a pittance of money back; I just wanted it out of my sight and out of my home.

This leads us to last week’s announcement that Al Lowe and Paul Trowe are getting the band back together. This new, but not new, Larry game will be a remake of the original Leisure Suit Larry: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards and there is nothing wrong with that. The idea is to return to Larry’s roots to see if people still love him, which I assure you they do.

They are asking for $500,000 to be pledged by May 2nd for the game to go into production. At just a $15 pledge you get the game via Steam or a DRM free version, which is nothing to play such a classic game in my book. The rewards only grow from there and are worth looking at. Apparently if they surpass their goal they may consider adding additional dialogue to the game, so donate generously! $294,126 is currently pledged to the project and with 19 days to go it seems likely the project will be funded; which makes both my adult and child self absolutely ecstatic.

For further information on the project you can click these links for their Kickstarter campaign and an interview with Al Lowe and Paul Trowe.