Possible Doctor Who spoilers for Series 5 through 7. Be warned.

In a not terribly surprising twist the BBC announced today who will take on the role of The Doctor’s companion in Series 7 of Doctor Who. Behold Jenna-Louise Coleman!

This young actress appeared on a major British soap opera named Emmerdale for a few years and also made an appearance in last years Captain America: The First Avenger. Not much is known at this time about who she will be playing, except for a rumor that she will be different than The Doctor’s more recent companions. This has started some Whovians believing that she might be playing someone of a non-human persuasion.

They have quickly grown into two of my favorite companions and while it deeply saddens me to see The Ponds, Amy and Rory, depart from Doctor Who it might be time. I’m sure Steven Moffat will give them the ending they deserve, and in no way tug on my heart-strings until my soul cries out </sarcasm>. This still raises the question of what happens to River Song, but isn’t that always the case.

The only other thing we appear to know is that The Doctor’s new companion will be making her presence known come Christmas of this year.

Update: As I was writing this I came across an article on Nerdist.com. I will just link directly to it as it has spoilers about when the Ponds leave the show.:“Meet The Doctor’s New Companion” (Nerdist)

Source:“Jenna-Louise Coleman Announced as New Companion!” (BBC)